So  I don’t know what I’ve told who so I’m just gonna tell you all everything here. There are 9 of us from travel and education. All of us are girls and we all get along really well. I bonded with this girl Corina already. My host mom is very nice and she somehow got me to like eggs haha. I share a room with one of the other girls, Victoria. She’s very nice too. There’s another student living here from Germany. He’s been here two months and stays until November. Her son also lives here and goes to the university. My host mom doesn’t speak any English and doesn’t let us in front of her. We’ve been touring around a loooooot. I know where everything is already. Everything important anyway. I start classes tomorrow after my placement test. Well, technically I don’t start until Thursday because classes start in the afternoon tomorrow and I don’t have any. Monday and Wednesday I have class from 9-11 and 11-1 and Tuesday and Thursday I have class from 9-11. Me and this other girl are the only two who are taking three classes, but that leaves me the entire day to do what I want and I can have longer weekend trips if I want, so I’m happy with it. You guys will be able to talk to me more too. There isn’t free wifi in the plaza like I thought so I can only get it in my room, but that’s ok. I’ve uploaded some more pictures under photo galleries in the Salamanca page.  Everything’s so old and pretty it’s ridiculous. I’m gonna come back skinny from walking so much and barely eating. They have breakfast when they wake up which is around 8, then lunch at 2:30, and dinner at 8:30. The food is sooooo good. It’s really rich and oily which is why it’s great 🙂 .  I like ham here and eggs for some reason, but everything’s real and not processed. I had the best hotdog (perrito caliente) in my life last night. Weird to say, but it’s true. I don’t know what I’m eating half the time but I don’t care cause it’s great. The sangria here is really good too ;). Everyone seems to recognize us as Americans for some reason. They all stare or say “sorry” instead of “lo siento.” Don’t know how to change that, but whatever. Oh and they lisp here so I’ll come back with a Spanish accent. So yeah that’s pretty much it. I love it and feel like I’ve been here forever already cause the days are so long, but that’s ok. So  yay you’re all caught up. Os amo!

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